Photographer. Traveler. Observer.

Sharing my quest to make photographs that go beyond the obvious.

My photographic journey began with eyes closed, in the ashram meditation halls and mountain caves which initially brought me to India. The colorful festivals, fascinating people and culture I discovered on my first India visit re-ignited my early passion for photography and have kept me coming back again and again to the country I deeply love.

As a photographer I strive to include my inner experience along with what I am seeing, creating images which are both personal and universal.

I always say that the photograph is the byproduct of the adventure. The camera gives me an opportunity to spend time with people and in situations that would otherwise not be available.

Current long-term projects include Basketball in India, and behind the scenes at American Horse Shows.

In addition to India I have photographed extensively in Nepal, Bhutan, and Burma.

I work in Santa Fe, New Mexico photographing Native American Pow Wows, the Turquoise jewelry industry, Rodeos and Fiestas.

My photographs have been exhibited in galleries throughout Southern California. In addition to winning many awards, I’ve been selected to hang in juried exhibitions curated by leading experts in the field of photography, such as Arthur Ollman, founding director of the Museum of Photographic Arts, San Diego.

photo © deepak chaturvedi

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