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Pow WOW! Grand Entry.

Until now, on this blog I’ve shown only images made in India. Although India is my photographic “muse”  I am also continuing to work on a number of long-term projects based in America.

I’d like to share my first “made in America” blog post.

I was previously in the Indian (Native American) jewelry business so photographing powwows has been a great way for me to stay connected with Native American traditions.

Powwows are social gatherings that are spiritual celebrations as well as dance and drumming competitions. The colorful regalia (outfits) worn by dancers are equally matched by the passion of the drum groups.

I regularly attend powwows in New Mexico and California and once visited the great Crow Fair in Montana. This gallery is a selection from New Mexico powwows held in  2009 and 2010. I hope the photos convey the sense of wonder and gratitude I feel.

There are 12 large images in this gallery so please hang on if they are a bit slow to load.

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