Smoking in the dark

As you can see from this photo as well as the one below, smoking chillum (hash) is an important part of Naga Baba daily life.


  1. #1 by Irene on May 29, 2010 - 10:05 PM

    I love this picture, the lighting, how you have lit up his rings. Wonderful. I am not a photographer and only have the camera on auto. On looking at your blog, it makes me wish I knew how to take a photo. This photo shows me the difference between my blank auto pictures and how you can highlight certain things in a frame. I think I need tuition, but never seem to have had time? Or never have given myself time. Too busy doing other things and taking shots on the way kind of thing and have always felt to take time setting up a photo just takes up too much time???? Plus I would have to carry more equipment and I am already heaving under the weight! Lovely lovely photo. Ganesh Giri would love that shot too! Well done Cathy. You see someone with equipment, you see the equipment and the person and the subject, and it is lovely now to see what you did inbetween! I really enjoyed looking at your pictures.

    Love Irene (with my partner’s camera who had a degree in photography and who died nearly 5 years ago – I just picked up his heavy beloved, and just point quickly and shoot but it is all on auto and haven’t a clue how to take a picture technically)


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